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Refrigerator Repair Bonney Lake

Appliance Master offers same day service whenever possible. Our technicians are local, providing repairs near you. 

Qualified Professionals-
Appliance Master has been in business for 30 years and we have technicians that have been with us from the beginning which means that they have fixed it all. Our technicians are polite, show up on time, and stay up to date on the newest appliances and technology. Their ongoing training ensures that they can solve any issue that you may be experiencing. 

Fast and Reliable Service-
We know how much you rely on your appliances every day which is why we get your appliances working as quickly as possible. We are confident in our services which is why we always guarantee our work. We want our customers to save time and money by choosing Appliance Master.

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Some common refrigerator problems are:

- Refrigerator is too warm

- Ice-maker is not making ice

- A leak inside or outside the refrigerator

- Frost or ice buildup inside the refrigerator

- The door gasket or seal is torn

- The refrigerator is noisy

Some of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. Here are a few things that we recommend:

- Vacuum the condenser coils. The cooling fan sucks air in and cools the coils. The fan can suck in dust and become plugged up

- Make sure that the door is sealing properly and nothing is in it's way. When the door is stuck slightly open, ice will form

- If you notice that the seal is torn, get this repaired. The seal is important to keep your refrigerator at the correct temperature

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